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We bring growth and human capital to startups.

NUMA Moscow is the business accelerator program for tech entrepreneurs with global potential.


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Why choose NUMA?

In return for a 10% shareholding, you enjoy access to:

In-house resources
- Our 2 Entrepreneurs in Residence will help you with business strategy & growth.
- Experts in Residence: UX/UI, Legal, Accounting, HR, & PR.

- Access to NUMA’s corporate network.
- Softlanding with NUMA global network and business trip to Paris.

Financial support
- 1,400,000 RUB investment.
- Exclusive contacts with investors through our Demo Days and other networking events.

Top-quality mentoring
- Weekly Meetings with Mentors, Experts and Entrepreneurs dedicated to your success.
- As many individual sessions as necessary, with the 300 entrepreneurs and sector experts in our network.

- A 4-month intensive residential program in our premises with additional 2 months free office space.
- Free access to coworking spaces in our global branches (Paris, Bengalore, Barcelona, Mexico, Casablanca, New York & Berlin).

- Lifetime access to NUMA Alumni network and Perks: now you are part of the family!
- Monthly follow-up and Workshops.
- Investor Day: one-on-one with investors to help you fundraise.

How the program works


Washing Machine

Build your strategy

What is it?
  • Team building
  • Kick off
  • Mentors madness
  • NUMA Bootcamp

In your first weeks with us, we strive to create a sense of urgency with regard to your project. Intensive work sessions with many mentors will help you to iron out your key success factors, from your value proposition to your product and business model.

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Execution & Growth

Develop a successful product and business

What is it?
  • 1-to-1 sessions & workshops
  • Office hours with NUMA experts
  • Connections with our corporate partners
  • Product Iterations & Roadmap Execution

Over the next two months, your start-up enters into an intense test and learn phase. Experienced entrepreneurs and top-executives will assist you with your project and will keep you focused on the key development factors for your business.
Three words: deliver, deliver, deliver!

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Demo Day & Money Time

What is it?
  • International focus
  • Informal meetings with investors
  • Media outreach
  • Paris business trip

In the last month, we prepare and train you to pitch to be ready for Demo Day & investors meetings. We also organize a 3-day business trip to Paris to participate to Viva Technology and meet with potential partners.

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Is this program for me?

We are looking for talented, ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to develop a profitable and lasting international business.

More specifically, our startups:

Are early-stage startups.
Have considerable growth potential.
Are predominantly technological.
Are from all business sectors.

They could be your mentors

We will find you the most relevant Mentors & Experts among our local and international network.
Your goal: build a lifetime relationship with them! Here are some of them:

Vincent Gentil

General Manager at LEROY MERLIN RUSSIE
Emin Aliev

Managing Director, Russia at Criteo
Dmitry Chikhachev

Managing Partner at Runa Capital
Vladimir Kholyaznikov

CEO Holding
Igor Shelemetiev

Vice President Business Development / Online Marketing at Lamoda
Julia Beliak

Senior Launcher at Uber
See all mentorsDown
Alexander Khanin

CEO of VisionLabs
Olivier Monceau

Country Manager, Club Med
Pascal Clement

CEO Direct Group
Franck Vinchon

Communication Consultant - ex-Director at Publicis Russia
Ilya Kurylev

Ivan Dementiev

Innovation Director Faberlic
Tatiana Iliushina

Analytical Consultant at Google
Evgeny Smirnov

Founder at Newtonew
Jean-Noël Rivasseau

CTO at Kameleoon
Grigory Petrov

Technology Evangelist Voximplant
Dmitriy Manannikov

Security Director, SPSR-express
Philippe Mougeot

Marketing Director, Leroy Merlin Russia
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Some of our alumni

MySender - Moscow Season 1
Platform that aggregates all communication channels between companies and their clients.
2 contracts signed with NUMA corporate partners.

QRepublik - Moscow Season 1
Non-electronic device which provides medical and contact information about a person in emergency situations and notifies relatives.
Market validation in Russia and first sales in the US

VisMe - Moscow Season 2
Solution to accelerate rehabilitation therapy for patients after nervous system diseases.
First sales in clinics, partnership with major pharma group and development roadmap for B2C solution.

Sponsero - Moscow Season 2
Influencer management platform for brands
Built a long-term relationship with a top mentor/advisor from advertising industry

The team

Julien Nicolas

Acceleration Director
Veronika Kabanova

Program Manager
Yannick Tranchier

Entrepreneur in Residence
Andrey Vasilyev

Entrepreneur in Residence


What does NUMA provide?

In exchange for a 10% equity stake, each startup participating in the 4-month program will benefit from:

- Weekly one-to-one meetings with an Entrepreneur in Residence.
- Office hours with Resident Experts in UX/UI, Legal, Accounting, HR, PR...
- Open access to experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and industry experts.
- Indefinite access to NUMA’s workshops, tutorials and resources.
- PR exposure through NUMA’s corporate events and communication materials.
- Connections to investors through the Demo day and other investor meet-ups.
- Qualified introductions to our corporate partners.
- Introductions to NUMA’s international network of alumni, partnering accelerators and foreign offices (currently France, India, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, USA and Germany).
- 6-month free office space.
- More than 50 advantages including free consultations with partnering accounting and law firms.

The face value of these services amounts to approximately 767K€ per startup.

In addition to these acceleration services, NUMA invests 1,400,000 Rub in startups when they join the program.

How to apply?

Where to apply?

How is the selection done?
The selection process consists of three steps, starting right from the application. Only complete applications are evaluated. Applications are reviewed by the NUMA team and are scored by 3 evaluators. The score your project receives reflects various key factors of success including your team, experience, market and product. Depending on your score, you may be invited to participate in one-on-one interviews and pitch sessions. We are currently selecting 5 to 6 startups for each season, depending on the quality of applications we receive.

Dates for Season 3: January to mid-May 2018

I’m concerned that if I apply, you won’t protect my intellectual property. Should I be worried about this?
No you shouldn’t. NUMA is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the applications it receives. Rest assured, we have no interest in sharing your application with non-evaluating parties.

Do we need to write a business plan?
No, you don’t have to write a business plan. All you have to do is to complete the F6S application form. You’ll have to fill out information about your business, the team, the market…

What’s the selection process?

One-to-one interviews
During the interviews you’ll be invited to pitch in front of a jury of experts eager to know more about your project and your team. The pitch should last no more than 5 minutes followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Obviously we’d much prefer meeting you in person at NUMA Moscow. However should you not be available to attend in person, we can arrange a video-conference. Keep in mind that both connection problems and sound quality can end up impacting the presentation.
Results are usually communicated within a week.

Formal agreement
If you’ve made it through the finals, along with our sincere congratulations you’ll receive an agreement detailing the program’s conditions and a bunch of legal documents regarding our future partnership. You’ll need to confirm that you accept those terms and conditions.

Can I meet with you during the selection?
Unfortunately we can’t meet in person with every startup that wants to take part in the program. There are just too many. Essentially the NUMA application process is the way we decide which of them to meet in person.

What kind of startups are you selecting?

What kind of startups are you going to choose?
NUMA’s acceleration program is dedicated to early stage startups at the seed or early-growth stage. The program doesn’t have any specific industrial focus. Accelerated startups operate in a wide range of sectors which provides us with a wealth of industrial insights.

I’m a single founder. Can I still get accepted into NUMA, or do you only look for teams?
Although the selection process isn’t narrowed to that single criteria, the team plays an important role in our evaluation. NUMA is looking for great teams with talented founders who have, or can attract, the core skills their businesses will need to be successful.
Finding the right cofounder can take a while and we don’t want you to spend the short time you have with us recruiting or looking for a partner. Remember, our job is to accelerate your business and we cannot do it unless the basic components are in place. We’ve seen too many well-meaning entrepreneurs with great potential either completely stuck with their project because no one could execute on decisions or burned out from carrying too much responsibility on their own.
If you’re solo, take this as your first challenge: convince someone that you’re an excellent business partner and that your project has great potential. If you can’t do that, how will you persuade your customers? If you’re not ready yet, consider taking some time to strengthen your founding team and apply for the following season. NUMA won’t disappear and there will be another chance.

We feel we’re more advanced than other startups. Will we still get something out of the program?
We help early stage startups all along their journey to KPIs that are fundable by VC investors. Whether they are in the product design phase, market testing their product, growing their client or use base or even looking for VC funding. A number of startups we accelerate have a fully-developed product or generate revenues when they join the program. We work with them on their go-to-market strategy, business model, provide qualified introductions to corporates in our network or advise them on their funding strategy.
No matter where you’re starting from, we adapt to your needs and you will extract significant value from the program.

Does my company need to be incorporated before joining the program?
No, your company doesn’t need to be incorporated to join NUMA. This won’t influence in any way your application. Your company’s incorporation can be done at any point in time during the first 2 months of the program. Partnering law firms will be able to assist you with the paperwork.
However please note that NUMA’s 1,400,000 Rub can’t be provided until your startup is legally set-up.

What is happening during the 4-month program?

Do I have to be in Moscow during the entire acceleration program?
Yes, we require you to be in Moscow. Much of the program’s value hinges on your presence in town to attend events organised for you (scrums, coaching sessions, speed-dating with corporates…). Being physically close to NUMA will also allow you to leverage all the informal opportunities with our mentors, alumni, corporate partners, angel or VC funds which visit NUMA from time to time.

What is the Demo Day?
The Demo Day is the last event of the acceleration program. You’ll be provided with the opportunity to present your start-up to a large panel of investors, corporates and journalists.

Who are the experts?
NUMA works with a wide network of 500 experts around the world with complementary profiles to ensure accelerated startups have access at all times to all the expertise their project needs. Those experts are either web entrepreneurs, industrial experts or specialists from one of those areas where educated advice does makes a huge difference, be it, product design, UX, marketing, funding or HR. During the first part of the program, you’ll meet with a lot of them to help you identify those mentors you both need and want to work with. Whilst some of them are seasoned and recognized professionals, name dropping doesn’t make sense. The most important thing is that NUMA is consistently looking for experienced people in different fields with a selective approach. And the match is up to you !

What is a technical partner?
We have +70 offers and promotions from a variety of partnering startups and corporates. Ranging from free pictures with Fotolia, cloud computing services offered by AWS Amazon, free access to recruitment platform… you name it ! All of our startups agree : those offer save them both valuable time and money.

We’ve been accepted into an incubator at the same time as NUMA’s program. Do we have to give up this opportunity or do you accept teams who work from another location?
If your project needs access to specific facilities (Fab Lab..), we completely understand that you’d need to work from other places. However, to make the most of the opportunities the program can provide you, we strongly recommend to work from NUMA’s offices. As a minimum, we require you to be available to attend a few key sessions during the week. Those include monday morning’s scrum, weekly meetings with your EiR and mentors and speed datings with our corporate partners’ teams.

What are the most famous startups that graduated from NUMA’s acceleration program?
We’ve accelerated many great businesses since our beginning so it’s hard to choose! Some of our most renowned startups include Mesagraph ‘acquired by Twitter), Sketchfab, DocTrackr, Bankin’, Zéro-Gâchis, Qunb (acquired by Ve Interactive), Artips, Lima, Agriconomie, Trip’n’drive, Infinit, Augment, Julie Desk, Soundsgood, Tiller Systems, StreamRoot, and Deepomatic.

Your agreement with NUMA

How much does the acceleration program cost?
The acceleration program is free and provided to you in exchange for a 10% equity stake in your company. It includes mentoring, access for life to our workshops and tutorials, office space, access to our events and investment of 1,400,000 Rub.

Do you take a 10% equity to all startups regardless of their valuation?
Yes. The terms of NUMA’s investment and support are standard and apply to all participating startups.

Do I have to accept NUMA’s financial support?
No, obviously you are free not to take NUMA’s investment. This money is here to help you get things started. If you believe that your startups doesn’t need it, by all means don’t use it.

My company is based in the US. Can NUMA invest through a traditional capital increase?
Unfortunately not. We have to provide fair and equal investment terms to all of the startups it accelerates.

Will I need advice from a lawyer to review the documentation with NUMA?
The contractual arrangements with NUMA have been drafted by lawyers and several batchs of startups have already entered them. Hence we would recommend that you don’t spend too much time or money with this. Naturally if your governance arrangements requires it or if you’d be more comfortable having them reviewed by a lawyer, any partnering law firms could provide you with independent advice.

What if I’m not happy with the acceleration program?
It’s fine for both of us if you decide to quit the program within the first 3 weeks. Indeed, during that time, both sides (NUMA or you) can unilaterally end up the acceleration protocol and this without cause or compensation.

What happens after the program?

Can I attend NUMA’s workshops, tutorials and mentor sessions after the program?
Absolutely. startups accelerated at NUMA now have access for life to all educational resources or events designed for startups.

What are my financing options after the program?
NUMA provides you with 1,400,000 Rub financial support to help you get things started. Most likely you’ll need additional funding after the program. On average 65% of our startups raise funds after the demo day.

Will NUMA help me raise funds?
Naturally. This is part of our role. Specific workshops are planned during the program to help you understand how to raise funds. We also organized meetups with investors to make sure you get exposed to them.

Our Investment Team will also sit down with you to review your financing options and guide you on the best way forward.

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